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Welcome to Coffee.com
in Pondicherry, South India.

Come and enjoy gourmet coffee and food, High speed internet
and a large selection of DVD that you can watch in our excellent entertainmnet center.

Some things you just won't know...until you come!

House blended 100% Indian coffees with a blend of five different beans to achieve

1. A Strong aroma
2. Controled acidity
3. Pleasant bitterness
4. Cream of coffee - especially in espresso

Chocolate Drinks
Low fat chocolate drinks

1. Variety of ice teas made fresh blended with lemon, honey, etc.
2. Hot leaf teas selected from Darjeeling (North India) Coonoor (South India)
3. Chamomille Tea
4. Tea of choice

Cookies and Cakes
Made without butter and baking powder, especially chocolate cake

Original Italian Pizza cooked in oven with various fillings

Garden fresh salad

A rich taste of fresh greens, Veg/NonVeg

Pasta & Lasagne
Original Italian pasta imported from Italy. Sauces are cooked in extra virgin olive oil or butter and topped with parmesan cheese.

Italian Risotto
Original Italian Rice cooked with different combinations and topped with Parmesan cheese
Choice of sandwiches originally created by us.

A french loaf with different fillings served hot and crispy

Mushroom, Tomato & French Onion

Boiled, fried, variety of omelettes

Home made Ice Creams made With an innovative taste

1. dates&caramel(no sugar), just dates

2. Roasted almonds with honey(no sugar)

3. Coconut Ice Cream - Cholesterol free

4. Latte Ice Cream is rich taste of milk flavored with Vanilla

5. Alfonso Mango Ice Cream - Alfonso mango (king of mangoes)

6. Chocolate Ice Cream - rich taste of chocolate without coffee

7. Mocha Ice Cream - Chocolate blended with fresh coffee

8. Saffron Ice Cream - made with honey only with a dash
of pistachio and raisin

9. Seasonal Fresh Fruit Ice Cream - strawberry,
peaches, pineapple, banana etc...